To ensure that you will have the ultimate experience in Santorini, we have prepared these tips from top travel experts.

1. Book your holiday in advance
Although this might seem like an obvious thing to do, not many people do it and they get to spend more money than intended. Even though the season officially starts at the beginning of the summer you can make reservations as early as the beginning of the year. Get the accommodation reserved first and the flight one month or preferably 2 weeks before. Like this you will avoid all surprises, such as cancellation of the flight.

2. Choose the right travel season for you
Some travel destinations have travel seasons like, peak, low and off-season while others are always in season. Depending on what you seek to experience, Santorini is always great to explore, even off- season. Check out our blog posts to see when is the best time to visit Santorini. Hint: our suggestion is May, first half of June, late September and early October.

3. Don’t spend all money in one place
Regardless of how long you’re planning your holiday, take the opportunity to see as much as possible of the island. Book a tour to the nearby villages, a sailing cruise to the gorgeous volcanic beaches or a visit to the volcano itself. Don’t spend the day only in Thira or Oia. There’s more than that.

4. Bring a water bottle filter
Unfortunately, the water in Santorini is not potable, forcing everyone to rely on plastic bottled water. However, there are bottle filters out there that filter the salt, impurities and chemicals in the water. Being in charge of your own water anytime, anywhere is a major flexibility.

5. Pack light
If you want to make a small change in the way you travel, packing a lighter will definitely bring some benefits. Buy a small suitcase/backpack and pack only the minimal. Bring your favorite dresses to shoot in or rent them in Santorini. Traveling light will take off the stress of the material stuff making you feel more relaxed and free. The best here.