Are you a travel enthusiast burning to ‘grab some munchies and hit the road’? Or love laying down on a beach to catch some rays? But the recent CoViD-19 pandemic screws up your plans of traveling, making you worried about your safety, and then you start to think that nowhere else in this world remains safe after all this. But let me tell you this: Greece being one of those countries in Europe with low coronavirus cases, its beautiful island of Santorini remains a safe place to travel.

CoViD-19 And How Will It Affect Your Vacation?

The CoVid-19 pandemic has been making headlines everywhere throughout the world! On December 31, 2019, this coronavirus was determined in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, which was considered its epicenter. As initially believed to be transferable between animals and humans, this coronavirus has threatened the entire world, especially the travelers. Having symptoms similar to that of flu, what worries travelers and tourists is that the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people. Meaning people may carry the virus having no symptoms. As of this writing, coronavirus has killed approximately 75000 people from 208 infected countries and territories. The government from different countries, as advised by health officials, either implement travel bans or halt nonessential travels by disrupting transportation systems.

Who wouldn’t be disappointed with all that, especially when you’ve been pleasurably excited to go on a trip? Many travelers even ceased traveling themselves. Nobody would risk traveling and possibly catch this highly-contagious virus. Unless you have that accelerated healing factor in protecting yourself from illnesses like those superheroes, then you can go.

Greece and Santorini

So where on the planet is best to head to at this time?

Experts and media have hailed Greece’s early response and comprehensive measures implemented to handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Greece has implemented bans on leisure travel to its tourist islands during coronavirus travel lockdown. Santorini and other tourist islands have been placed under strict quarantine for 14 days, and the subsequent success of this implementation is so far achieved. Its tourist islands, including Santorini, so far, do not have any reported cases of coronavirus.

Being a beloved destination site for many tourists from all over the world, almost everything in Santorini is closed for public health and safety- hotels, restaurants, and bars- and only residents can travel to it. The restrictions applied have no exceptions. Tickets are being issued by the police to anyone who doesn’t have specific authorization to go outside. And local people of Santorini are compliant to its government’s advice to keep themselves safe and healthy. Having great love for tradition and faith, Greek people are not allowed to attend church services even during the Easter season to avoid the possible spread of the virus. They are aware that this coronavirus can put not only their own lives in danger but also the entire locals’.

Although far from well-equipped health centers and most domestic flights are suspended, local doctors are all well-prepared, and the local hospital is taking all the necessary measures to fight the coronavirus anytime it arrives. As of now, there are no cases of coronavirus in Santorini. Thanks to the effort of its local people and government authority.

In addition, they are sending a clear message to everyone in the world, assuring that the premier island of Santorini is the safest and will remain a safe place for travel and relaxation after all this pandemic.

Santorini Tourism

“An island with more churches than houses, more donkeys than people, and more wine than water,” Santorini will never be removed from a traveler’s bucket list. With its magnificent sunset view, the perfectly blue Mediterranean ocean complementing the churches’ blue domes, and the hundreds of gleaming white-washed structures all assembled on an astonishing volcanic cliff, people love the refreshing and relaxing atmosphere of the island– even the local cats and dogs are so chilled. Not only that, because there are still a LOT of things to ‘do,’ ‘see,’ ‘eat,’ and ‘drink’ that keeps people going back to the island.

What’s more surprising is that most of its tourists are Chinese every year. In fact, before the coronavirus made headlines worldwide, the number of Chinese tourists in the island were estimated up to 3000, taking almost 90% of the total number of its tourists during that time. Impressively, the Greek government took the quick response of taking comprehensive measures to protect the island and its people. There were no direct charter flights from China to Santorini throughout the winter months (being January and February). And those Chinese who arrived in Santorini were quickly monitored at Athens’ international airport. Consequently, the virus did not enter the island, making it a safe place.