In Greece, the most prominent island is probably Santorini, which is one of the volcanic islands that make up the Cyclades group of islands located in Greece. The prominent island is most famous because it is a naturally active volcano, as well as for its extraordinary white aubergine, dramatic views, spectacular sunsets, and Thira town. You must visit Santorini because of its captivating beauty and fun activities to do.

But it can also feel like you don’t know how to begin and go. Do you need help with activities, car rentals, hotel accommodation, and tour guides? GooSantorini is the answer! You are on the right website!

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Our Story

We are a group of motivated people lead by the founder of GooSantorini, Dimitri Rotaru, with a common passion: exploring the breathtaking beauty of Santorini.

It all began when Dimitri Rotaru and his team decided to create GooSantorini, a complete travel guide and travel company exclusively in Santorini island located in … read more >>>

Our mission

Here in GooSantorini, our prime goal is to provide high-quality services and a wide range of options to be able for you to have the best vacation in Santorini ever! That’s why we suggest the following high-quality travel services that’ll help you organize your trip in no time!

Our mission is to be the most trusted travel agency that offering the beauty of Santorini, Greece, that delivers the highest quality of service for our client. We want to exceed our client expectations through dynamic, fast, innovative technology.



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For groups of all sizes, GooSantorini offers numerous experiences for groups of all sizes. We also offer a wide range of accommodations ranging from full service hotels to stand-along homes. We also offer cultural activities as well as outdoor adventures to satisfy our diverse clientele. The sales team of GooSantorini is there to help you plan.



Despite being well-known for our outdoor venues, when it comes to accommodating groups, GooSantorini has the perfect destinations for our clients’ indoor assemblies. GooSantorini can help you choose the perfect destination from executive boardrooms to conference facilities where you can host your group. Contact us today for the best experience of your life.



To book a trip with us is as easy as pie. You only need to follow three simple steps, and our personnel will consequently design and provide you with a fee for your itineraries within a single business day. The steps include: I. Designing your trip II. Designing your itinerary III. Confirming and previewing your details.

"Rotaru Dimitri believes that a single lifetime cannot be enough to experience and see all guides him as he looks forward to helping as many of our clients to explore as many places as they can. Contrary to the common believe, living a life of travel and site seeing is not so out of this world.As our marketing executive, he uses his vast knowledge in marketing and his experiences in travel to plan exquisite and pocket friendly trips."

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