Our Story

We are a group of motivated people lead by the founder of GooSantorini, Rotaru Dumitru, with a common passion: exploring the breathtaking beauty of Santorini.


It all began when Rotaru Dumitru and his team decided to create GooSantorini, a complete travel guide and travel agency exclusively in Santorini island located in the beautiful and historic country of Greece. The main goal is to provide high-quality services with the help of dynamic, fast, innovative technology to be able for you and your family to have the best vacation of your life.


The result, a travel agency that is showcasing the beauty of Santorini by providing the best hotels to choose from, car rentals, fun activities to do in Santorini, tours around the island, and transfer services. We also specialized in organizing private tours, photo shooting tours and many activities around the island which includes everything you need to know about the island. GooSantorini is the best tool to organize an unforgettable trip of your life!


Discover all the hidden treasures of Santorini with the help of GooSantorini now! And share the best travel experience with the world!


Let us help you to plan your most awaited vacation!